Thursday, February 1, 2024

News: Negotiations stall with landowners at Dinnington market revamp

An £11m regeneration scheme at Dinnington is at risk as Rotherham Council tries to buy up the property needed to make it happen in time.

In last year's Budget, the government announced that Rotherham will receive £20m for regeneration for Wath and Dinnington. It came after earlier bids for funding for the schemes were turned down twice.

For Dinnington £11,049,547 has been allocated to deliver significant improvements to Dinnington High Street and market, with the project focusing on high quality place making to restore the cultural heart of the town centre, increase footfall, boost the local economy, and restore a sense of pride amongst the community.

Concept drawings were revealed last month as the development of detailed proposals continued, with negotiation and the acquisition of property taking place at the same time.

An update to the council shows that the authority is close to buying the land for the "Northern Access Road" to the project for £22,500.

Consultants Gateley Hamer have been appointed to negotiate purchase arrangements with the landowners and long-term leaseholders on the proposed regeneration site which has a prominent position on the high street, located between anchor stores, Tesco and Aldi, and directly adjacent to the bus station. It also borders the main car parks serving the town centre.

The update reads: "Across the site, there are 9 plots of land owned by 7 different landowners. In order to bring forward the regeneration project by the March 2026 deadline, it is vital that agreements for purchase are made at pace for a fair value to both negotiating parties.

"In the case that agreement cannot be reached the Council will be required to explore the use of compulsory purchase powers to ensure the scheme can be delivered."

As seen in Rotherham town centre, the council's use of compulsory purchase (CPO) powers takes a long time.

The update states that purchase of all land included in the proposed site "must be completed before Autumn 2024," but warns that: "Although negotiations with some of the landowners are moving forward in a timely and positive manner, other negotiations have stalled with some landowners unable to reach agreement based on the independent valuations.

"If these negotiations continue to be protracted, the council will need to progress with compulsory purchases. This process can be lengthy and as such there is a risk that the scheme will not be delivered by the March 2026 deadline.

"Rotherham Council is moving forward with the process to tender a compulsory purchase lawyer to assist in bringing forward the site within the timeframe so that demolition and construction can begin in Autumn 2024."

Images: RMBC


  1. Rotherham council shouldn't release any funds until the locals admit they live in Rotherham and not Sheffield :D

  2. Now “Royal Mail” is a private company and not an arm of the UK government it should not be able to insist we have to use incorrect Sheffield addresses and Postcodes, full-stop. In these days of political correctness Rotherham Council and other local bodies should be pushing for a ROTHERHAM address and Postcode for ALL of Rotherham!

  3. The compulsory purchase procedure doesn't seem to take as long elsewhere in the country. It's only in Rotherham that it takes the council 25 years to get its act together.

  4. All blame for this,if he doesn't happen does to go to the Conservative national government for putting time limits on when the money is spent,it's like they do it on purpose.

  5. Got too agree,nowt worse than a wanna be De Da, Grandad was from Dinningron, always said he was from Rotherham and a proud miller!

  6. Why don't you do something about it Jez?

  7. Bin the market off, it's not 1960. There's somethings called the Internet now.

  8. I can't do anything about it due to the many problems I have.