Wednesday, April 23, 2008

News: Focus on Dinnington's AME


The Star Business focuses on AME Prototypes and AME Design of Carrera Court, Dinnington in Rotherham. The excellent feature highlights the advanced techniques used by AME in rapid prototyping such as laser technolgy and using advanced polymers and nylons. The design aspects of AME are also discussed with the company designing new products every day and boasting a group of people designing everything from perfume bottles to brush handles and automotive products. AME founder Ian Jones is proud of the skills of AME staff and the fact that most of its competitors are in London and the South East, telling The Star: "I don't think we shout about it as much as we should. Creative people can and do live in the north." The company has grown to an international group employing 40 staff, including graduate designers, skilled craftsmen and apprentices with clients in Malaysia, continental Europe and the UK, including Formula 1 teams, Dyson, Unilever, Hornby and Smith & Nephew. The group has also spun off its own award-winning creation, the Identicom name badge, into a company called Connexion2, also based at its new headquarters at Dinnington's Carrera Court business park.


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