Tuesday, October 11, 2011

News: NAMTEC to provide insight into Don Valley Power Project


The Manufacturing Forum organised by the The National Metals Technology Centre (NAMTEC) in Rotherham is hosting an event this week that will provide an insight into the huge business and employment opportunities that exist for organisations around the Don Valley Power Project at Hatfield.

The event will give delegates an understanding of the Don Valley Power project which will utilise carbon capture and storage (CCS). The owners of the project, 2Co, will talk about who they are, their experience to date including acquisition of Powerfuel Power and some of the work done since the acquisition.

The second part will be a presentation from National Grid about the infrastructure in Yorkshire and the Humber for transport of CO2 from the operations producing CO2 to the North Sea coast.

Dr Alan McLelland, chief executive at NAMTEC, said: "This comes as very good news for a manufacturing sector which is absorbed by the search for new opportunities and job creation.

"Those involved in planning the new power station at Stainforth near Doncaster have concerns about finding the 2000 people which will be required for the construction of this £3bn project and the 200 personnel for its operation.

"Many local companies will see new orders for the products and services needed by 2Co, National Grid and their contractors. These companies will also require new staff to meet the additional demand. The search is now on for skilled engineers, suppliers and technicians in the Yorkshire and Humber region."

The power station will incorporate the first commercial carbon capture operation in the UK which will contribute to the Government's commitment to achieve its target of reduction of the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The project will also require a £2bn pipeline to take the carbon dioxide out to the North Sea for storage in old oil wells. The pipeline will be operated by National Grid and they too will require personnel during its construction and operation.

The event takes place at the Stables, High Melton, Doncaster on October 12, starting at 9:00am.

NAMTEC website
2Co Energy website

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