Friday, November 15, 2013

News: Ron Hull work fast on the road


Rotherham experts, Ron Hull Demolition, worked fast to remove the central sections of the Centenary Way flyover in Rotherham town centre.

Because it involved closing one of the town's main routes, the team was given just 36 hours to complete the operation. The work went so smoothly that the operation was completed, and the road re-opened, shortly after 4.30am last Monday, an hour and half earlier than expected.

The flyover is making way as part of the massive new Tesco development on the site of the former civic buildings. A new road junction onto Centenary Way has been constructed before the road was demolished.

Steve Raisbeck, Operations Co-ordinator at Ron Hull, said: "A major concern was to avoid damage to the road surface and the first few hours were taken up with getting a protective covering in place.

"Once that prep work had been completed the demolition machines were able to get started and they made faster progress than anyone had expected. The first section had gone before midnight.

"The plan was to remove three sections of the flyover and three supporting piers but the team had so much time in hand that the decision was taken to press on and demolish a fifth section."

All of the materials from the demolition have been removed from the site to the firm's state of the art recycling plant on Barbot Hall Industrial Estate. The concrete is being processed and will be returned to the site where it is to be used in groundworks. Steel recovered from the site is to be recycled.

Nigel Hull, director at Ron Hull, said: "The team has done extremely well. The operation could hardly have gone any better. With the actual demolition work completed in daylight on Sunday afternoon, it was then a matter of getting the site cleared and ready for re-opening."

Demolition of the remaining parts of the flyover, which will not impact on Centenary Way and its traffic, will be continuing over the next few weeks. The site is scheduled to be completely clear before Christmas.

Built by ISG and replacing the Forge Island store, the new Tesco Extra is planned to open in January 2015.

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