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News: Fripp gets a break in the advertising industry


When you work at the cutting edge of design and prototyping, sometimes the projects you work on have to remain top secret. That's why it's taken a year before Fripp Design and Research can discuss its involvement in Nestlé's "We Will Find You" ad campaign.

One of the UK's leading product design, research and business consultancies, Fripp is based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham.

Experts in all areas of product design and industrial design with customers ranging from blue chip companies, to leading UK universities, to individual inventors and entrepreneurs, Fripp were approached in December 2012 by a collaboration that included Nestlé and a market leading promotional company with an urgent requirement. The team had conceived a new promotional campaign but technical issues had presented an unexpected challenge in delivering it.

As part of the first-of-its-kind-promotion in the UK, in a number of winning products, bars had been replaced with GPS devices. When the customer opened the winning wrapper and activated the GPS device, a reward response team was dispatched with prize money of between £10 and £10,000 and set out to find the winners in just 24 hours.

Once the location system was developed, Fripp was challenged to package these in such a way that, from the consumers perspective, they looked and felt like the real thing in terms of dimensions, weight and strength whilst protecting the health and safety of the consumer in a robust and tamperproof manner.

Steve Roberts, non executive director at Fripp Design and Research, explains: "This was demanding in its own right, but this was not the major challenge; that came from the timescales involved. Nestlé were committed to the project, so we needed to commit to their very tight deadline; which of course we did."
The project made use of Fripp's experience in reverse engineering, 3D computer aided design (CAD), prototyping and project management.

Roberts added: "Our solution was both elegant and simple using accurate reverse engineering and 3D CAD as well as both in house and the best of breed 3D printing technologies to manufacture lightweight, strong and accurate components for all devices that made it very difficult to detect the contents.

"This unique application of modern design and production helped to maintain the project deadline and deliver a successful UK wide promotion."

This in not the first high profile client for the company. Fripp Design was involved in the design of the Comic Relief "Honkus" Red Nose and have appeared on Channel5's, the Gadget Show. Clients also include; Fellowes, Rolls-Royce, Proware Kitchen, Sagentia Group, and The Wellcome Trust.

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Images: Lono Creative / Fripp


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