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News: S2S to expand presence with E-Waste


S2S Group, one of the leading players in electronics manufacturing, asset recovery and electronics recycling, has signed a deal with US-based electronic waste management firm, E-Waste Systems to collaborate on reverse logistics and expand the presence of both companies.

Consolidating its sites in 2012, S2S is based at Manvers and specialises in the design and manufacture of circuit boards and associated products for the rail and power generation industries. Other parts of the group provide asset recovery, secure destruction and the recycling and refurbishing of old electronic equipment including computers and mobile phones.

A Teaming Agreement and an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed with the publicly-traded Cincinnati company which has an aggressive growth strategy to target the opportunities created by the soaring international demand for electric and electronic products that is in turn fueling a global rise in "e-waste" that could reach an estimated 65.4 million tons annually by 2017.

The waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations are EU directives aimed at reducing the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment that ends up in landfill. S2S is a third party provider that helps manufacturers and retailers in reverse logistics which can include reuse, recycling and documented disposal.

Alan Dukinfield, managing director at S2S (pictured, right), said: "S2S have been in the WEEE sector for over 20 years and in recent years our focus has been on asset recovery and realising maximum environmental benefit and value for assets for clients whilst maintaining a high level of security. The partnership with E-Waste allows us to bring an established solution to a wider audience, to share standards and processes and be part of worldwide solution for asset recovery."

Martin Nielson, founder and CEO of E-Waste Systems (pictured, left), added: "In furtherance of our growth objectives, we have entered into a Teaming Agreement with S2S Electronics and signed an MOU to collaborate jointly on reverse logistic operations in the UK and all of Europe. This is going to be another milestone in our business plan giving EWSI a footprint in Europe and expanding our branded operations. With the management team at S2S we have agreed to implement new technologies and services to improve the already wide range of solutions offered.

"Discarded electronics remain a big problem and partnering with S2S, a very experienced company, provides us the infrastructure to fulfill our commitments while achieving the highest standards and zero landfilling within Europe."

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E-Waste website

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