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News: Inditherm success in chemotherapy care


Innovative medical products from Rotherham company, Inditherm, are being adopted by a growing number of NHS hospitals to improve the quality of the care provided for chemotherapy patients.

Manvers-based Inditherm has developed products using low voltage carbon polymer technology to provide heat. Its systems are used for patients undergoing operations which carry risk of inadvertent hypothermia and in neonatal wards.

Around 150 of its SpeedHeatVE systems are now being used daily in over 20 chemotherapy units in the UK, where the localised warming helps to help raise veins to facilitate chemotherapy treatment and other intravenous therapies. This not only assists the healthcare professional by speeding the process, but also makes it a less unpleasant experience for the patient. The administration of chemotherapy drugs is often very painful and heat has been shown to reduce levels of pain significantly.

In many hospitals various warming methods have been used, ranging from placing the patient's arm in a bucket of warm water to the use of microwave heat packs. These methods are more than a little haphazard, none can provide a controlled temperature whilst all present a challenge for infection control.

Inditherm's patented technology provides a completely uniform conductive heating surface, which is extremely flexible and is powered at low voltage. In this application it is used in re-usable soft-feel heat pads connected to a simple control unit that provides precise temperature regulation that can be adjusted as appropriate for each patient and each phase of treatment. SpeedHeatVE is the only approved medical device for this purpose available worldwide and the polymer heat pads are also used to accelerate muscle injury treatment by enabling controlled heat to be applied directly to muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

Nick Bettles, chief executive at Inditherm, said: "It is good to see that the performance of our SpeedHeatVE product has been appreciated by the clinical users, and also to know that it can have such a benefit for patients.  We adapted our physiotherapy product for this application specifically to ensure that we could meet the infection control demands. We're pleased to know that we can offer a safe and effective alternative to the somewhat primitive warming methods some hospitals had previously been forced to adopt.

"We believe that as SpeedHeatVE is now becoming well established and more widely recognised many other chemotherapy units will start to adopt our very much more suitable, safe and convenient localised warming technology."

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