Friday, October 16, 2015

News: CF Booth provides backdrop for unique motorsport event


C.F. Booth, one of the largest independently run recycling companies in Europe, has seen its large Rotherham scrapyard transformed into a unique motorsport circuit as part of a publicity stunt.

Established in 1920, the family firm has grown from its beginnings as a local metal trader and specialises in metal recycling and metal ingot manufacturing of both ferrous and non ferrous metals for UK import and export. It supplies industries from small machine shops through to marine and aerospace work and has a turnover of around £200m.

Its Clarence Metal Works on Armer Street is thought to be the largest scrapyard in Europe. It provided the ideal venue for the "Red Bull Breakers" - a motocross race like no other dreamt up by Elliott Banks-Browne, double British MX2 motocross champion.

Railway carriages, shipping containers, cranes, scrapped cars, and even the back of the unfinished main stand at Millmoor, were all used to create a challenging motocross course for 16 of the best UK motocross talents, with riders racing head to head until two were left to compete in the final.

It was Banks-Browne, who had worked for the last 18 months consulting on the course design, who took the chequered flag to become the first winner of the Red Bull Breakers title.

He told "It went better than I could have ever imagined really. Everyone had fun, the weather was good and the track was awesome.

"The original idea was just to go and do a photo shoot in a scrapyard. I just wanted to do something a bit different, like have the bike hanging down from a crane with me standing under it or something like that. But then I thought, "OK, let's do a video shoot where I ride through train carriages and stuff like that", and then from there we decided that it could actually be its own event with racing. So a year and a half ago we went and checked out a scrapyard in Rotherham and since then, it's all been in the making.

"It felt amazing to win it but I think I got more of a thrill out of everyone else being so happy. Even if I hadn't won, I would still be as happy as I am now."

The event marked a return to the borough for the energy drinks brand. Over the Summer, the Magna Science Adventure Centre hosted "Red Bull Stratos - Mission To The Edge of Space" - a UK exclusive exhibition on the flight test program which saw Felix Baumgartner ascended 24 miles above earth with a massive helium balloon before jumping back down, breaking the sound barrier with his own body on the way.

CF Booth website
Red Bull website

Images: Olaf Pignataro/Red Bull Content Pool


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Cant understand anyone who doesnt like football..

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