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News: Bank shows backing for angler's reel passion


An angling enthusiast from Rotherham has purchased Parkgate Angling Centre - saving the shop from closure - thanks to support from Yorkshire Bank.

The business has been trading for 25 years and the shop presents an attractive showroom, fitted out for the sale and display of fishing rods, accompanying equipment such as floats and reels as well as ancillaries such as live bait and clothing. Above the retail area, on the properties first floor, is a stock room area.

Having turned 40, Scott Richardson is fulfilling a lifelong ambition to own his own store having worked in one when he was a teenager. He worked in a tackle shop for eight years and during this time Scott decided that one day he would like to have a shop of his own.

In a deal supported by Blacks Brokers, Richardson has purchased the business from its retiring owners having secured a £45,000 bank loan to go alongside a personal investment of £20,000.

Scott Richardson, new owner of Parkgate Angling Centre, said: "Fishing has been my passion since I could hold a rod and after working in a tackle shop at 16 years old, I knew that one day I had to have a shop of my own.

"My aim now is to create a friendly atmosphere in the shop and use my expertise to best serve the fishing community. I've fished all my life and I feel now the time is right to put something back in to the sport. Fishing is a dying art and I hope that somehow I can make it more popular with the younger generations."

Currently the Parkgate Angling Centre mainly caters for match fishing. However, with Scott’s experience and passion for all areas of the sport he hopes that the shop can soon provide the equipment needed for all types of fishing. He is also hopeful that the shop could one day expand to cater for all country games.

This is uncharted territory for Scott having never run his own business before. At hand are his family, who are ready and willing to help. Scott’s wife and father will help with the day to day running of the shop and his two sons already have Saturday jobs lined up.

Alan Miller, relationship manager at Yorkshire Bank, said: "Having demonstrated a real passion, ambition and determination, as well as extensive knowledge of fishing, we at Yorkshire Bank are confident that the business can continue to develop under Scott."

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