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News: TeenTech returns to South Yorkshire


The award-winning TeenTech event is back in the region with local engineers set to show off the opportunities for young people.

TeenTech is an industry-led initiative that helps students understand how STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are the pathway to tomorrow's careers. It has been pioneered by former Tomorrow's World TV presenter Maggie Philbin, who wanted to dispel myths about science and technology careers being considered difficult, geeky or boring.

B&E Together in partnership with RiDO has collaborated with TeenTech CIC to put on the event at the Doncaster Racecourse today. Since 2012 the award winning event has brought 900 teenagers from secondary schools across South Yorkshire for a fun packed day of science & technology and over 140 scientists, engineers and technologists demonstrated interesting challenges and experiments to the students. Leading science and technology companies participate and explain about career opportunities and the skills required.

TeenTech events run in twelve regions of England and Wales and this is the fourth time that the event will run in South Yorkshire.

Sandra Cooper, non executive director of TeenTech CIC, said: "This was a very successful and enjoyable event in 2015 with some students saying it was the best event they attended whilst in their secondary school, we are delighted that South Yorkshire is hosting the event again and see it as a very worthwhile and meaningful way of encouraging students to develop an interest in STEM subjects."

Performance Engineered Solutions (PES), engineering design specialists based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham, are one of the companies getting involved to inspire the next generation of engineers. A visit from students from St Wilfred's High, Featherstone helped to prepare them for TeenTech's Innovation Awards.

Rotherham-based electronics retailer, Maplin attends the events and sponsors the awards. It works with winning students to make their innovative products real.
Maggie Philbin, CEO of TeenTech added: "We are delighted to be returning to South Yorkshire and to be partnering B&E Together and RiDO. The jobs of the future will be going to young people who have skills in Science, technology and engineering. There are so many different opportunities and entry points and we want to young people of the region to understand they could very much be part of these industries.

"It doesn't matter whether you work for a large global company, a research institution or intend to set up your own company – gaining certain skills will make sure you are ahead of the field. It makes such a difference when young people hear first hand from young graduates or apprentices about why they enjoy their work. The young people listen to these near age role models and start to see themselves standing in their shoes.

"Feedback shows that companies very much enjoy the experience of taking part. Not only is it an opportunity to inspire young people but it's a great personal development opportunity for employees."

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