Friday, September 8, 2017

News: Probe RTS opens AMP office


Probe RTS, a company that has helped several manufacturing businesses across the UK and beyond to improve their service delivery and operations has expanded to new Rotherham premises.

The consultancy works with manufacturing businesses in the automotive, medical, electronics, white goods, motorsport, packaging and food and drink sectors and will be based in the Technology Centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP).

Established in South Wales in 2005, Probe provides consultancy, training and the provision of third party process and quality engineering support nationally and internationally.

With offices in Bridgend and Nottingham and associate offices in Mainland Europe and South East Asia, the firm supports manufacturing companies in all aspects of knowledge transfer and project implementation across the process and quality engineering spectrum.


In parallel with the company's geographical expansion, Probe has focussed on the development of its KPI business intelligence reporting tool in recent months.

The web-based tool, which is called POET, an acronym for Probe Operational Excellence Transformation, makes real-time performance data accessible from any corner of the world.

Probe is also looking to strengthen its team through a network of Business Advisory and specialist Lean Manufacturing associates.

Philip Roberts, director at Probe RTS, said: "This is an incredibly exciting time for the business. The reputation of the AMRC and the AMP is sky-rocketing and to be situated in the heart of it is great for Probe. This gives us a great platform to sell our services and introduce our POET software into businesses where it can make a real difference."

Providing incubation space on the AMP, the Technology Centre has been designed to accommodate a range of manufacturing-related activities, from fledgling engineering and technology companies, to University spin-offs and subsidiaries of established companies.

A £4.5m extension to meet demand at the centre opened last year.

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