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News: New transport strategy for Sheffield city region


The Sheffield City Region (SCR) has published the first draft of its transport strategy 2018 – 2040 outlining the strategic transport priorities for supporting economic growth and improving quality of life for all.

A Transport Prospectus was published earlier this year setting out three geographical priorities – national, Pan-Northern, and the Sheffield city region. The long term strategy builds on this and provides overarching goals, policies and conditional outcomes for the city region's transport system.

The vision is to be "a forward-looking city region with integrated transport connections that support economic growth and improve quality of life for all."

The strategy adds: "Transport has a pivotal role to play in achieving our vision for 2040. We must look forward and consider the future of our City Region, and transport as a part of it, in order to respond optimally.

"Transport infrastructure plays a key role in supporting the economic growth of our City Region. It provides the means by which residents can access employment, education, retail and leisure opportunities, as well as providing the mechanism for businesses to transport goods and services. Our evidence suggests that congestion is already restricting our growth, and without intervention could significantly restrict the future productivity of our City Region. In addition, gaps in connectivity could further limit access to employment, labour, and higher value jobs."


The current Transport Strategy was published in 2011 and the new strategy includes high level policies for improving access, making streets healthier and being at the forefront of technological innovation. An implementation plan will follow the strategy outlining how rail commuter flows between northern cities can be increased, how journey times to the airport can be reduced and how congestion can be reduced.

Some strategic interventions are included, such as an HS2 Growth Strategy which will look at an integrated connectivity package "so that the essential connections to key growth and economic areas, and our wider City Region, are in place."

Specifically for Rotherham, the strategy makes reference to a new Rotherham Parkway Station, options to improve connectivity and reliability through the M1 Junction 33-34 innovation corridor, SCR Mass Transit, building on the tram-train pilot project, and improving accessibility and streetscape between the railway station and town centre in Rotherham. The city region is also looking at Park & Ride provision for bus as well as tram, train and tram-train, including a tram/train option at Magna at Templeborough.

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