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News: Magtec re-powers bin lorry in UK first


Magtec, the UK's largest supplier of electric vehicle drive systems, has successfully re-powered a refuse collection vehicle at the end of its normal working life with an electric motor.

Founded in 1992, MAGTEC designs and manufactures electric drive systems and components for a wide range of applications including trucks, buses and military vehicles.

In 2016 the firm relocated its Sheffield truck conversion facility to Templeborough in Rotherham, taking over a 16,000 sq ft unit at the same time as taking on a second manufacturing site in Sheffield of 27,000 sq ft.

In partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and DG Cities, the project secured funding from Innovate UK to test the viability of the technology and make the economic case for repowering heavy commercial vehicles.

The prototype will be tested alongside the existing refuse fleet, managed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich.


The UK needs to meet EU legislative targets for air quality and regional and local authorities are seeking new ways to lower emissions that are within their sphere of influence. Magtec's repowering of a 26-ton Royal Borough of Greenwich vehicle will offer significant CO2 reductions over diesel fleets as well as significant noise reduction benefits.

Compared to a diesel Refuse Collection Vehicle that is double shifted and does a 50 mile/day route, the pure electric vehicle gives a savings of 35-tons of CO2e per year. With annual sales of new refuse vehicles in the UK around 1,250 a year, the potential for UK wide emissions savings is significant.

The truck is powered by a standard three-phase 32 amp, so no special charge station is needed. It is estimated that the modification will double the vehicle's operational life, extending it to 14 years, and generate a lifetime cost saving of up to £300,000 compared to a Euro 5 or older diesel powered model.

Cllr. Danny Thorpe, leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, said: "We are delighted to be part of the consortium to develop and trial the first 26-tonne repowered electric refuse vehicle in the world.

"Greenwich is at the forefront of developments in areas such as smart city innovation and smart mobility. I am particularly pleased that we are pioneering technology that will help address poor air quality. This further underlines our commitment to improving the environment, as reflected in our ambitious Greener Greenwich strategy.

"I am sure residents and pedestrians will also appreciate the quiet operation of the vehicles. With this ground-breaking eRCV in operation, the loudest noise on the street on bin day in the future maybe the refuse collectors whistling."

Simon Buckley, programme director at Magtec, added: "This is a UK first, and demonstrates Magtec's commitment to innovation.

"Re-powering a heavy goods vehicle with our electronic drivetrain not only extends its life, it also removes both noise and urban pollution.

"The refuse vehicle is a perfect example of a vehicle that should be electrified as it has a known duty cycle and runs in residential areas where people are most at risk from air quality and noise pollution issues. The vehicles will also offer significant fuel and monetary savings to the operator."

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