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News: Beatson Clark continues to be clear choice


Leading glass packaging manufacturer Beatson Clark continues to be selected by a range of producers who focus on sustainability, suitability and style.

The Greasborough Road firm, which has been making glass bottles and jars in Rotherham since 1751, specialises in providing glass packaging solutions for niche brands in the food, drink and pharmaceutical markets worldwide.

Nottingham-based condiment brand Sauce Shop, which produces over 50,000 bottles and jars of natural condiments and seasonings a week, has chosen sustainable clear round sauce bottles and pickle jars manufactured by Beatson Clark that are being supplied to Sauce Shop via Grimsby-based distributor Pattesons Glass.

Siobhan Branagan, Account Manager at Beatson Clark, said: “We process approximately 20,000 tonnes of glass every year through our on-site recycling plant, which is recovered from kerbside collections, bottle banks and the hospitality trade. This is then melted in our furnaces and made into new bottles and jars for companies such as Sauce Shop.

“Using glass packaging will also keep products such as ketchup and other sauces safe and fresher for longer thanks to high levels of vacuum which can be maintained over a long period of time. It’s 100% endlessly recyclable, does not contain harmful chemicals or plastic liners, and our clear bottles contain over 30% post-consumer glass - it really is a no-brainer!”

Retro apothecary-style bottles have been selected by Hip Pop organic kombucha. Beatson Clark worked closely with the fermented tea brand to develop its new drinks bottle, which is based on an Alpha Sirop pharmaceutical bottle normally used for medicines.

Emma Thackray, co-founder of Hip Pop, said: "It’s a beauty and when you hold it in your hand it has a lovely substantial, chunky feel. We like the glass because it’s a premium packaging material and it has a twist cap so you can reseal it.

“The packaging is also important to us because kombucha is a health drink and we get lots of comments about the health benefits. Amber glass protects the contents from UV rays and is free from harmful chemicals or plastic liners, so it is the perfect choice for kombucha."

Last year US hair care brand Prose chose PONT Emballage to supply them with Beatson Clark’s 60ml amber glass jars for the launch of its new ROOT SOURCE personalised hair growth supplements.

Prose, based in Paris and Brooklyn, New York, had sustainability high on its priorities and chose amber glass to protect the plant-based ingredients from UV ray exposure.

Charlotte Pike, Marketing Manager Beatson Clark, said: “Amber glass offers a luxurious, premium look to any product, and because glass is inert, we can be sure there’s no risk that the contents inside will be altered or damaged in any way,” she said. “Amber glass is also great at protecting the product inside from harmful ultraviolet light.”

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