Wednesday, May 7, 2008

News: Elite Tooling invests in business and reduces impact on the environment


Rotherham based specialists in high performance drilling, tapping and milling products, Elite Tooling has invested in Eclipse Magnetics' Filtramag system. The magnetic filtration system is used on Elite Tooling's Walter 5-axis tool and cutter grinding machine that makes high performance carbide tools. One of the main difficulties when grinding carbide is ensuring that the cutting oil is suitably filtered before it is reintroduced into the grinding operation at the cutting face. Elite Tooling had been working with the Environmental Agency to find a better way of disposing of the sodden filter cartridges as grinding fluid is now classed as bio-waste. Managing director at Elite Tooling, Bob Hill, explained to Manufacturing Talk that: "Installing Filtramag therefore allowed us to eliminate two of our biggest problems - how to increase filtration levels and how to improve our environment credentials." The new system also produces saleable reclaimed material, so a return on the investment began immediately after installation.
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