Wednesday, May 7, 2008

News: Rotherham Renaissance Masterplan updated


The broad-based Rotherham Renaissance Town Team kick-started the 25-year programme in 2005, with the production of a masterplan for the town centre - the Strategic Development Framework. As Renaissance continues, this document is now being updated. This new document gives Rotherham Borough Council the chance to co-ordinate development and establish how parts of the centre could look in the future. It seeks to set out where new development should go and establish design and development principles. The aim is to set out the vision and aspiration for new projects and provide clear guidance for developers, providing a robust planning framework against which to assess new proposals. It will set out how the council can achieve the Rotherham Renaissance aspirations - many set by the people of the borough - by delivering new housing, improved shopping and leisure facilities and better public places, while protecting against flooding and improving transport and accessibility. Consultation on the document runs until June 6.
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