Thursday, June 26, 2008

News: Rotherham design expert turning heads


Further details are being released regarding 55° Time Dubai, the world's first turning timepiece building. 55° Time Dubai is a precision "Timepiece Building" powered by the sun that will rotate 360° in 7 days, offering 360° panoramic views from penthouse apartments providing a new view of the city every day. The designs of the individual Timepiece Buildings will be the product of internationally renowned designers and architects incorporating the latest in eco friendly technology. At the heart of the design team is Nick Cooper, Managing Director of Bennett Associates in Rotherham, who is tasked with designing a 80,000 building that rotates like clockwork. Bennett's previous moving designs include the Channel Tunnel, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Falkirk Wheel. Shortly after the project was announced in 2006, Nick told Arabian Business: "I have a base design with a very solid foundation, and off that, the building. Between the two we have got this bearing system. I am using a technique that was employed by the Egyptians to lift and move heavy loads, and quite frankly it’s the right technique to use because of its simplicity." 360° Time World is to build 24 rotating mixed use (hotel and residential), sustainable, eco friendly buildings in leading cities of the world.
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