Thursday, July 31, 2008

News: £10m boost for Yorkshire economy


Government Ministers met with regional business leaders and developers yesterday to find out more about how the current economic downturn is affecting Yorkshire and Humber businesses, and to launch a regional response to the current economic situation. Chief Secretary of the Treasury, Yvette Cooper and Rosie Winterton, Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber were in the region to meet with Yorkshire Forward and key business leaders and developers to raise some of the key issues affecting regional industries. This included the announcement of almost £10 million support for regional manufacturers and the financial and professional services industry. The funding comprises £7.2 million for the region’s Manufacturing Advisory Service, which enables manufacturing businesses improve their productivity and a £2.45 million investment by Yorkshire Forward in supporting the continued growth in the region’s Financial and Professional Service industry, to be delivered by LFSI and involving York Professionals and Bradford FSI. Rosie Winterton, Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber, said: "These are two important sectors for the region and that is why I’m pleased that Yorkshire Forward has announced almost £10 million today to support them." Tom Riordan, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Forward said: "We can’t change global economic conditions, but we can do our utmost to mitigate their impact on our regional economy, businesses and consumers."
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