Thursday, September 11, 2008

News: SYIF: Funding still available for Rotherham businesses


The South Yorkshire Investment Fund (SYIF) has reiterated its message that just under £10million of funding remains available for businesses. The money comes from what remains of SYIF's current fund and a £4million interim fund from Yorkshire Forward, ensuring that South Yorkshire businesses can continue to access finance up to the end of 2008. SYIF has already invested £50million (including money with management) into more than 460 South Yorkshire businesses since it was established in 2001. This is expected to see a return of more than £19million, which will be available from 2013. SYIF chief executive Tony Goulbourn said: "What is important is that the £19million that will be the legacy of our first investments is re-invested. That's why the European commission and the UK government gave us the money. "What we are really passionate about is that this money is there for the benefit of South Yorkshire businesses. "The hope is that the planned Regional Successor Fund will operate from 2009-2013. Therefore the plan is to create another fund that continues beyond 2013 so you have a permanent available fund for this region."
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