Monday, October 13, 2008

News: Rotherham company at the cutting edge of clean technology


Metalysis, the spin-out company from Cambridge University based in Rotherham has been highlighted in the recent 2008 Guardian/Library House CleanTech 100. As one of only eight companies in Europe to make the Industry catergory, the firm is right at the cutting edge of clean technology. The CleanTech 100 list is described as "an exciting glimpse of the future," highlighting a group of the most promising private companies in Europe focusing on clean technology, with ­companies selected on the basis of their potential for future growth and beneficial environmental impact. Metalysis was formed to commericalise the electrochemical reduction technique known as the FFC Cambridge process, where specialist powder metals can be created in a simple, cost effective process with significant environmental benefits. In an industry set for huge global growth, Metalysis plans to launch its first three products into international markets in the period to 2010. These are titanium, titanium based alloys (for use in biomedical, petrochemical and other sectors) and tantalum for use in the portable electronics industries. Employing 40 people, Metalysis is located in Manvers, Rotherham.
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