Thursday, October 23, 2008

News: Rotherham supports Jamie's Ministry of Food initiative


Rotherham is to continue to support Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food for another year. The joint announcement by Rotherham Borough Council and NHS Rotherham comes after the final programme of the series was shown this week. A package of funding totalling £125,000 has been secured to continue the educational and healthy eating work begun six months ago at the Ministry of Food in the town centre at All Saints Square. Grants from the Department of Health, Local Authority Business Growth Initiatives (LABGI) scheme and funds from NHS Rotherham has enabled the project to run for another 12 months. Council Leader, Councillor Roger Stone said: "Rotherham has been put in the national spotlight and has great ambition for the future. We want the town to be a place of success, investment is high and jobs have been created - and I, for one, want that drive to spread to important matters such as food. Rotherham has pioneered this approach and what better endorsement could there be than to see other parts of the country be as bold as we have been in supporting healthy eating by setting up food centres." Under the continuation package, the funding will cover the operational costs of running of the Ministry of Food building, the continued employment of two members of staff and volunteer costs as well as the food used to cook.


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