Wednesday, November 12, 2008

News: TSC looks for further expansion as profits and turnover continue to rise


Telecom Service Centres, the Scottish contact centre company with a key operation in the Dearne Valley, continues to out-perform the sector with another excellent results statement which shows a further growth in both turn-over and profits. Since merging with Indian-based conglomerate Hero last year, the new company HeroTSC have just released figures for the interim seven-month period which show that the progress made since their last full year end return of August 2007 has been maintained in all key sectors. TSC, the UK’s fourth largest contact centre company, showed a profit of £5.1 million from a turnover of £55 million. For the seven months ending March 2008, they recorded a £3.1million profit from a turnover of £32million. The unaudited figures shows revenue growth of 11% and corresponding EBITDA growth of 46%. New CEO David Turner welcomed the figures: "In these well-documented, difficult times for the economy in general and many businesses in particular, here is a Scottish success story we can all be proud of, "We have proved we can more than hold our own against all our competitors – and continue to play a huge role in the communities where we have our operations. "As I read of unemployment growing and increasing news of redundancies, I take enormous pride in the fact that we are actively looking for more recruits in six of our eight UK operations."


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