Monday, December 22, 2008

News: Toyoda Gosei offer redundancies at Rotherham plant


Toyoda Gosei, one of South Yorkshire’s leading car-component suppliers is to cut jobs from its 700-plus Rotherham workforce. Toyoda Gosei UK, makes rubber weather-seals for car windows, doors, boots and more at its Rotherham HQ on Centurion Business Park and supplies Toyota, Honda and Aston Martin. Vice-president, Chris Cooley told The Star: "What we are trying to do is to avoid compulsory redundancies. "The benefit of being a Japanese company is that we plan for the long term. It's a question of survival until things pick up maybe two or three years down the line. "We believe it's an attractive package, it's the same for everyone based on their weekly pay and is open to everyone." Redundancies are expected to be across the board, among managers, shopfloor operatives, engineers and maintenance, finance and logistics staff. The redundancies are likely to begin in March.


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