Sunday, March 1, 2009

News: Good results and new contracts for Dawmed


Rotherham healthcare decontamination specialist Dawmed have announced their latest financial results. For the financial year ended September 30, profits rose by £448,500 from the net loss of £398,500 in the first six month period and up by £187,500 from the net loss of £137,500 in the same period last year. Revenue is up 34% at £3.6m for the second six month period and up 49% at £7.4m for the 12 month period. Kevin Gilmore, Executive Chairman of Dawmed, said: "I am pleased to report a buoyant period of recovery from the losses of the first six month period with a second six month period net profit of £50,000, representing a favourable performance turnaround of £448,500 over the preceding period and a return to profitability as I forecast in my preceding half year report. Subject to the potential effects of GBP/Euro currency exchange rates upon equipment imported from mainland Europe, I look forward with confidence to continued growth and profitability across the range of activities of the Company over the final six months of the extended financial period to 31 March 2009. "I am pleased to report that there are strong indications that the increased level of activity enjoyed in the first and second six month periods will continue for the current extended financial period and possibly further into the foreseeable future." Hellaby based Dawmed also announced that they had been successful in being accepted as an approved supplier for the NHS. Through a tendering process, the NHS in England has recently developed a national framework agreement for the supply of endoscope washer disinfectors and drying/storage cabinets. This framework agreement became operational during the early part of February 2009 and will allow hospitals and trusts to purchase directly through the contract, thereby avoiding some of the costs and delays associated with conducting a formal tender. Early indications are that the national framework agreement is being well received by NHS trusts.
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