Sunday, March 1, 2009

News: Norwegian company orders Martek products for entire fleet


Rotherham's Martek Marine have announced that Norwegian shipping company Wilson Ship Management AS have invested in 80 lifeforce Marine AEDs for their entire fleet of cargo vessels operating in the European short sea sector. Wilson state that their main aim is to ensure safe operations for all of their seafarers and have set themselves the goal of having "zero accidents related to Health, Safety and Environment." This commitment to their crews' wellbeing was the main driving force behind their decision to give every vessel access to a defibrillator in case any of their crew should suffer a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) whilst at sea. Martek's Lifeforece AED is the only defibrillator to be Type Approved for marine use. Thorbjørn Dalsøren, Wilson’s Maritime Personnel Manager commented: "At Wilson Ship Management, the safety of our crew is always given the highest priority. As part of this crew welfare commitment, we recognised the value of investing in the Lifeforce specialist marine defibrillator for our entire fleet of owned vessels. Lifeforce’s Type Approval reassured us that, in the unfortunate event of an emergency life saving situation, it is guaranteed to perform. The simplicity and ease of use offered by Lifeforce was another key factor in our decision, along with the total support provided by Martek Marine, a dedicated marine company that understands the demands of our shipping operations."
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