Tuesday, July 21, 2009

News: Mandelson visits Corus in Rotherham


First Secretary Peter Mandelson last week visited the Rotherham site of Corus Engineering Steels at the invitation of the town's MP Denis MacShane.

Lord Mandelson toured the plant and spoke with Community union representatives as well as Corus long products director, Phil Dryden.

Mr MacShane said: "I asked Peter Mandelson to come to South Yorkshire to see that there is a first-rate workforce and modern technology ready to make high quality steel when demand returns.

It shows how seriously the Government is taking the Corus problem that Peter came to see us here in Rotherham and then across the M1 at the Stocksbridge plant of Corus Engineering Steels.

I explained to Lord Mandelson that we needed new government thinking to help the UK steel industry through the new world economic model in which demand for steel is low."

Mr MacShane highlighted the issues facing the steel industry including electricity prices, credit risk insurance and the need for support for workers to be re-trained.

He added: "There are neither easy nor obvious solutions for Corus in South Yorkshire or anywhere in the UK.

I hope Peter returns to London and is able to think hard about a new approach to industry that gives stronger hope for the Yorkshire steel industry."

Last week local MPs delivered the Save our Steel petition to parliament which included over 6,000 signatures.

Denis MacShane website

Images: Alan Murray-Rust / geograph.org.uk


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