Sunday, August 2, 2009

News: Metalysis secures further funding


A consortium led by Rotherham-based Metalysis, the technology innovator for the speciality metals industry, has secured an £862,000 grant from the government's Technology Strategy Board.

Made on a match-funding basis, the award enables Metalysis to continue to scale up its technology for the production of titanium powders, exploiting the company's breakthrough FFC Process. Metalysis, a spin-out company from Cambridge University, owns the global Intellectual Property and commercial exploitation rights to this process.

Other members of the consortium are the University of Newcastle and two organisations based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham - the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and TWI, one of the world's foremost research and technology organisations.

The grant is to design, develop and commission Metalysis' innovative semi-continuous production plant to provide a consistent high-purity product at a commercially viable price. The plant is due to be commissioned within eight months, after which powder consolidation and characterisation trials will commence on the titanium produced. The entire project will last for two years.

Mark Bertolini, chief executive of Metalysis said: "This project is a landmark on the road to us introducing a truly disruptive technology into the £1 billion-plus global market for the production of high purity titanium.

"Metalysis will be in an even better position to prove the commercial quality of its products, as well as the process costs, at a level that can be converted easily and reliably to full scale production. This opens up a new route to manufacturing titanium powder which can be directly consolidated into sheet products whilst delivering massive reductions in capital and operational expenditures, as well as very substantial environmental benefits."

A plant based on the FFC process will cost in the region of £50 million and is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of a typical £400m plant by at least 50 per cent.

The grant follows the recent appointment of Dr. Pelham Hawker as Metalysis chairman.

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