Thursday, November 26, 2009

News: Three more businesses at Rotherham's AMP


Three more businesses have joined the fast-growing community at the UK's only Advanced Manufacturing Park, in Rotherham.

Eadon Consulting, Sensdata and eoSemi are moving into the AMP Technology Centre, the Yorkshire Forward-funded centre for hi-tech advanced engineering, manufacturing and materials organisations.

Newly-established mechanical and structural engineering designer Eadon Consulting covers a wide range of sectors including movable bridges, nuclear lifting equipment, renewable energy, and waterways and flood defence. It has recently been involved in the design of access platforms for dehumidification work that is being carried out on the Forth Road Bridge.

The company chose the Technology Centre as the location for its first office base and director Michael Thorogood said feedback from visitors had been excellent.

Michael said: "The move was vital to support the continued expansion and growth of the company. Despite the challenging economic climate, there has been continued demand for our expertise and services.

"Moving to the AMP provides enhanced facilities that enable us to satisfy our expanding client base and take the company forward."

Moving from Sheffield Technology Park is Sensdata, a young high-tech enterprise, focusing on the development and manufacture of intelligent sensors for maximising energy utilisation and engineering maintenance resources.

Established by Dr Robert E. Brown in 2004, Sensdata uses the sensors to help industrial companies maximise their efficiency.

eoSemi is an emerging privately-funded semiconductor product company that combines proprietary solutions and advanced design to provide very accurate timing and frequency reference products using standard silicon technology.

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