Sunday, November 29, 2009

News: Newburgh helping to break new ground on breaking ground


As development continues on the British built supercar that plans to reach the supersonic speed of 1,000 mph, Rotherham-based Newburgh Engineering has fabricated a vital piece of testing equipment.

High-tech precision engineering sub-contractor Newburgh is a project sponsor and will provide precision parts for the Bloodhound SSC supercar.

Building a car quicker than a fighter jet is not, however, the primary goal of the project. Rather, it is to inspire future generations to take up careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics by showcasing these subjects in the most exciting way possible.

A test rig was required by the team to undertake experiments and find out what effect wheels with up to five tonnes of force rotating at 10,000rpm will have on the ground they are running on and the wheel itself.

A ground test rig was fabricated by Newburgh at their Templeborough facility and taken to possible run locations to carry out the tests.

The Bloodhound SSC supercar is set to run in 2011 at Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape region of South Africa.

Using a modular approach, segments of the wheel are constructed so that several configurations can be trialled quickly and efficiently. The section of the wheel is pushed with increasing pressure vertically downwards and the deformation is recorded.

The results will give the team a good view of what the wheel shape will do to the ground and vice versa, helping them to get the optimum shape for a wheel that will spin 166 times a second.

David Greenan, operations director at Newburgh Engineering, said: "This is one of the most exciting design engineering projects in the world to be involved with. We are absolutely thrilled that the rig was produced right here in Rotherham and that it has played a part in finding the perfect location for the world record attempt to take place."

Richard Noble OBE, Bloodhound project director said: "Finding the perfect ground conditions and location is fundamental to the success of this project. This project is a testament to the responsiveness and skill level that resides in UK engineering companies like Newburgh.

"The rig they manufactured allows us to accurately test wheel design profiles so we can be sure of the optimum shape for the World Land Speed Record attempt."

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