Tuesday, February 9, 2010

News: Rotherham enterprise students to make their mark


Peter Jones, star of TV's Dragon's Den, and Chairman of business-led enterprise campaign Enterprise UK, is inviting young people from across Rotherham to enter Make Your Mark with a Tenner. Now in its third year, the highly successful nationwide competition challenges young people to make as much money, and social impact as they can with a humble £10 note - in just one month.

Make Your Mark with a Tenner is now open for registration. Schools and colleges in Rotherham have until February 11 to register students to take part in the exciting initiative and secure a share of the £200,000 Tenner "bank" funded by Peter Jones and Michael and Xochi Birch, the founders of social networking site Bebo.

Make Your Mark with a Tenner, run by Enterprise UK is open to young people under 19 years old. Up to twenty thousand young people will each be given a £10 note and will have just one month (March 2010) to come up with creative, enterprising ideas to multiply their money. Once the £10 loans have been returned at the end of the competition, participants can either keep their profits to develop their business idea further or donate them to a good cause.

Maria Rock, Associate Headteacher from St. Bernard's Catholic High School in Rotherham, said: "This is St Bernard's first year to take part in the challenge but we are very excited about the opportunities it will bring. As a school we believe in learning by doing and this challenge contains a live brief which will develop key skills and capabilities for business and enterprise.

"We are involving the whole school: 32 form groups will be competing against each other in response to our aim to encourage students to become more independent in their development of skills and to realise how enterprise skills are much sought after in the workplace. We can't wait for the challenge to begin."

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