Friday, October 8, 2010

News: Inditherm system chosen by global manufacturer


Innovative Rotherham company, Inditherm has solved a raw material heating problem for a leading manufacturer of engineered composites.

The manufacturer heats pre-polymers and curatives for coating applications and required a solution for chemical products that need heating to specified temperatures between 40ºC and 80ºC and then maintaining reliably at the required level.

Inditherm's latest variable temperature drum heating system combines their high performance heating jacket with a new base heater.

The heated jackets use Inditherm's patented, low voltage carbon polymer technology to provide the heating and unlike other forms of heating, there are no hot spots.

Both jacket and base plate have variable temperature control, allowing precision adjustment to suit different materials or required process conditions and this combination enabled the clent to get the product to temperature consistently, in a set time, and then maintain the product at the temperature accurately for as long as required.

Due to the success of the system in the UK manufacturing plant a number of systems have recently been ordered for use in the group's production facility in Hangzhou, China. Inditherm was chosen over other systems being considered by the Chinese due to its proven performance and reliability.

Nick Bettles, Inditherm's CEO said: "This product demonstrates the drive for continuing market growth with the standard products of our Industrial business. We believe that the range of heating solutions we have for containers, such as IBCs, and drums cannot be beaten on performance, running cost and environmental contribution".

Inditherm's technology is also used in heating mattresses, pipework, sports pitches, and medical treatments.

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