Tuesday, November 9, 2010

News: Back to school for Ron Hull Demolition


Demolition experts from Rotherham-based Ron Hull Demolition went back to school recently for a project in North Lincolnshire.

More than half of the existing 1950s buildings at the Foxhills Technology College in Scunthorpe are being taken down and replaced in a multi-million pound rebuilding and refurbishment project on the site over the next year.

A specialist team from Ron Hull Demolition was brought in to execute a high speed removal of the central core of the old school whilst students were on their half term break.

Members of the school staff said they were amazed by the speed at which the team operated. Within hours the familiar fa├žade of their building had all but disappeared and the dramatic part of the demolition was completed within a week.

David Wall, Contracts Director with Ron Hull Demolition, said: "It is a four week contract but with the students away for just a week the critical objective was to get the majority of the demolition completed in the first few days, so that all that remained to be done was the processing of materials and clearing up.

"It was an intensive week but we brought in as much kit as we had room to operate on the site - including one brand new demolition machine that was taken straight there from the factory."

David added: "It is very nice when people appreciate the team and the job they are doing. There were some extremely complimentary comments both from the school staff and local residents."

The steel, iron and other metals from the structures are being removed to be recycled at Ron Hull's Mangham Road site in Rotherham, where it will be processed and sorted before being sent on to the steelworks in Rotherham or Scunthorpe. Timber recovered from the demolition is being moved on to specialist reprocessing firms.

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