Monday, January 10, 2011

News: Something fishy going on in Rotherham town centre


Fishy Feet Therapy is making a splash thanks to help from the Rotherham Enterprise Project.

Lox Hair and Beauty Salon, located on Wellgate in Rotherham town centre, has recently begun treating the feet of its customers using Garra Ruffa fish to eat away dead skin.

Fishy Feet Therapy, which operates as part of Lox, has been inundated with salon clients adding the unusual service to their wish-list, and many customers visit fortnightly to feed the fish.

By gently sucking at the dead flakey skin that builds up on the heels and soles, the fish leave feet feeling healthy and primed for skin to grow back soft and smooth.

Gillian Headon, owner of Lox Hair and Beauty, said: "It has caused quite a stir in Rotherham and we have had lots of people coming in to try it out, as well as customers coming to the salon for their hair or nails doing and have given the Fishy Feet Therapy a go. We already have customers that come in for it bi-weekly."

Fishy Feet Therapy is the brain-child of Gillian's daughters, Lauren and Sian Headon, and they occupy the bottom level of the Lox salon. They approached The Rotherham Enterprise Project seeking business advice from the scheme's business coaches.

The Rotherham Enterprise Project offers professional support for businesses and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

"The business coaches were excellent in helping Lauren and Sian drive forward their vision and gave them the tools to make their wonderful idea become a reality.

"They needed advice on financial planning and forecasting, as this was their first business venture, and they have been able to get Fishy Feet off the ground and on to a sure footing very early on," added Gillian.

Brij Chaggar, from Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, one of the delivery partners of the Rotherham Enterprise Project, added: "Fishy Feet Therapy is a wonderful venture, providing something in Rotherham that is extremely new and has caused quite a stir.

"Lauren and Sian are exactly the type of people who the Rotherham Enterprise Project is here to help; people who need business advice and have fantastic ideas, huge enthusiasm and a desire to succeed, and we are delighted to have been able to help them give the people of Rotherham a wonderful new innovative service."

Lox Hair and Beauty website

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