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News: Dormer shapes the future of engineering


Leading engineering firm, Dormer Tools, is helping to shape the future of the industry by introducing the next level of its technical training programme.

Dormer currently offers engineering companies a series of expert training opportunities from their state-of-the-art Advanced Manufacturing Park facility in Rotherham.

The level one training programme - "An Introduction to Cutting Tools" has successfully trained more than 700 people since its launch in 2009.

Level two of the training is set to begin in mid-March and will focus on tool selection, machining strategies and live machining demonstrations.

James Butler, technical sales engineer at Dormer, said: "Our new level two training programme is more advanced than the introduction to cutting tools course. It will give trainees the chance to learn new machining techniques.

"They will be given an actual component and asked to devise the most productive way to manufacture the product.

"After deciding on the best procedure, selecting the right Dormer tools and inputting the machining data, the process is then carried out virtually using the latest CAD/CAM system - allowing the trainee to see how it works before machining takes place."

During the one day course, trainees will also be shown the different machining strategies used by Dormer, giving them the chance to draw on the company's expertise and pick up new methods for use with their customers.

James said: "Once the training has been completed, companies can visit their clients and offer them new machining techniques which can be delivered either by themselves or by the team here at Dormer."

Engineering supply company, MSC/J&L Industrial Supply is first in line to undergo the new training programme, having completed the Introduction to Cutting Tools course with Dormer in 2009.

Denise Clark, Training Manager at MSC/J&L said: "As a company, we are committed to training and constantly developing the skills of our workforce and Dormer has played a major role in this.

"We have a close working relationship with Dormer and the level one training was invaluable, so we can't wait to get started on the next stage."

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