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News: Success for 100 in 100 Apprenticeships campaign in Rotherham


A new initiative to increase the number of Apprenticeships in South Yorkshire has proved to be a big success.

The National Apprenticeship Service and the Rotherham Work and Skills Board launched the "100 in 100" Apprenticeship campaign in February with the aim of 100 local companies committing to recruit or start to train 100 apprentices in 100 days.

At a recent celebration event organised by one of the training providers involved, Rotherham College of Arts and Technology (RCAT), it was announced that 130 employers had committed to the scheme.

The celebration event was held within the college’s Wharncliffe Restaurant at the Town Centre Campus and created a fantastic opportunity for the partners and participating employers to discuss their experience and to congratulate one another on exceeding the target with 130 employers committed to the scheme.

Mike Long from the National Apprenticeship Service who thanked the partners for all their support. He said: "The search goes on. There is a strong government commitment to apprenticeships and it is important that employer engagement continues.

"Apprenticeships are not quick fix solution. It is about growing the workforce of tomorrow and developing apprentices to become the leaders of tomorrow."

Rotherham employers Wilmott Dixon Partnerships and Best Buy Rotherham shared their views on apprenticeship recruitment. Sharon Isles, training manager for Wilmott Dixon Partnerships said: "The 100 in 100 campaign was a brilliant initiative that should be available every year. Without the work of the National Apprenticeship Service and the colleges, many companies would be unsure of how to recruit an apprentice.

"Apprentices are important for the future workforce and create a fantastic benefit for business of all sizes, not just large companies.

"We have some fantastic young people working with us. All of our apprentices will have the opportunity to develop greater than they ever would have ever aspired to. We recruit a strong workforce and we treat them like the best so that they will later become the best."

Steve Cooke, general manager, Best Buy Rotherham, added: "Our culture is dedicated to ensuring that our people grow and develop. Rotherham College of Arts and Technology indentified the culture we have and how important it was to embrace that."

RCAT worked with both companies in the recruitment of apprentices. Natalie Davies, business development manager at RCAT said: "The campaign supported Rotherham College of Arts and Technology recruit 77 Apprentices, ranging from Engineering to Business Administration, proving there are life changing opportunities out there for motivated individuals looking to progress their careers.

"We are now busy recruiting Apprentices over the summer months and would advise any employer looking to recruit to consider Apprenticeships as an ideal route to recruit enthusiastic and committed staff."

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