Monday, July 18, 2011

News: Chemotherapy patients benefit from Inditherm technology


Rotherham-based Inditherm has secured a contract with Bristol Royal Infirmary to supply their innovative medical heating systems.

The Manvers company's heat therapy system, SpeedHeat, is starting to attract wider attention from chemotherapy treatment units in the UK as it uses Inditherm's patented, low voltage carbon polymer technology to provide heat and unlike other forms of heating, there are no hot spots.

Recognising the need for an approved device that provides local warming during cannulation and drug infusion, the Bristol department has purchased 19 SpeedHeatVE units following a successful evaluation of the product.

The application of local heat therapy makes it easier for nurses to insert the cannula (needle) that delivers the chemotherapy drugs, making it quicker and less painful for the patient. The heat also reduces the discomfort for the patient during the infusion and reduces the risk of venous collapse that can occur, especially in over-used or fragile veins.

The Inditherm system provides a completely safe alternative to makeshift methods sometimes used. These include buckets of hot water, microwave activated heat packs and basic mains voltage heat pads bought at high street stores, all of which cannot provide the important safety and infection control features needed in a busy hospital department.

Already proven and in use in other NHS hospitals, SpeedHeat is a practical and convenient solution, with precise temperature regulation, that makes the chemotherapy process less traumatic for the patient and easier for nursing staff.

Last year, Inditherm signed a distribution deal for the industrial uses of their systems so that they could focus on the medical market. Other uses include patient warming during and after surgery, warming of new born babies and therapeutic heating.

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