Monday, August 8, 2011

News: Rotherham coalfield assets transferred to HCA


Land at former coalfields in Rotherham has been transferred from Yorkshire Forward to to the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

Most of the assets were previously owned by the HCA under English Partnerships. They will be transferred to the HCA's existing Land and Regeneration portfolio, and will continue to be delivered as part of the National Coalfields Programme.

The HCA's portfolio now includes employment land at Dinnington Colliery and Roundwood Colliery plus the former pit head baths and associated land at Kiveton Colliery. The leasehold of former Yorkshire Forward offices at Renaissance House in Manvers is also to be transferred to the HCA under a stewardship model.

The HCA will continue to be accountable to Government for the effective management and disposal of these assets. It will continue to work with local partners to develop, invest in and dispose of assets, in pursuit of the economic development and regeneration objectives agreed by local partners and in support of local strategies.

Pat Ritchie, chief executive of the HCA, said: "This transfer acknowledges the key HCA role in managing and developing coalfield land and property assets, the Agency's prior investment in these sites, and our wealth of experience in working with partners to deliver economic and regeneration benefits to local communities where it is most needed.

"This builds substantially on our existing coalfields regeneration programme as part of our ongoing Land and Regeneration work, and we will continue to work with our local partners to ensure the best outcome for communities and maximum value for money."

English Partnerships and the National Coalfields Programme have been important in the regeneration of former coalfield land in Rotherham including the transformation of Dinnington Colliery and coalfields of the Dearne Valley which are now thriving business locations.

Mrs Ritchie added: "To date, the HCA's work regenerating former coalfield areas, through its National Coalfields Programme, has had a huge impact in transforming the fortunes of these areas, through the creation of thousands of new homes, jobs, businesses and green spaces. The inclusion of these assets within our wider land portfolio will ensure that this legacy continues, and will make a major contribution to the localism agenda."

The transfer of RDA coalfield assets is the first stage of asset transfer to the HCA. The process to transfer the remaining RDA land and property portfolio to the HCA is due for completion in early Autumn.

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