Wednesday, September 14, 2011

News: Developers have their say on Rotherham's LDF


Developers, land owners and businesses are putting forward their views on the long-term development plan for Rotherham.

Consultation is ongoing on Rotherham's Local Development Framework (LDF) including the Draft Core Strategy comprising the overall plan, and the Sites and Policies Issues and Options - which suggests sites for housing, employment, retail provision and other uses.

The operators of Sheffield Business Park are putting their view forward on land at the park which comes under the Rotherham boundary and are suggesting that an area identified as green belt be re-classified as employment land. The small parcel was classified as greenbelt as it fell within a protected flight path for Sheffield City Airport which has now closed.

Hargreaves, the owners and operators of Maltby Colliery are considering the use of the site when mining comes to an end. When Hargreaves acquired the site, they intended to keep the colliery open to 2015 and this end date was subsequently extended to 2017. Consideration could be given to utilise the site as a major development in the green belt with possible scope for industrial and business uses, taking advantage of rail infrastructure.

In the town centre, Satnam Urban Regeneration Limited are continuing to push for the land that they own on Westgate should be ear-marked for retail developemnt (food and non-food).

The deadline for this round of consultation is on Friday September 16.

Karl Battersby, strategic director for Environment and Development Services for Rotherham Borough Council, said: "I am keen to see that our plans for the Borough are clearly debated so that we ensure the best results for Rotherham as a whole.

"We all need to work together to create a Local Development Framework that matches the needs of people and businesses in the future. And this is not the end of the process. We will be going back out next year to the public to discuss the individual sites in more detail."

The employment land target from now until 2027 has been reduced by 30 per cent with around 230 hectares being proposed for new economic development and a further five hectares for new office floorspace.

The amount of green belt proposed to be released has been reduced by 60 per cent and a policy to protect greenbelt land and promote brownfield development is included.

RMBC LDF consultation website


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