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News: New York Stadium, Rotherham


Rotherham United are expected to announce further commercial deals and naming rights after the name of their new £20m development was confirmed as the New York Stadium.

The club hopes that by choosing a standalone name for the stadium, rather than that of a sponsor, such as The Emirates at Arsenal or The Keepmoat in Doncaster, it would create a new identity and not be a stadium name that has no association with the club, the fans, or the town.

It also opens up the possibility to enter into deals for naming each of the stands.

Deals have already been secured with local companies to name two of the stands with Ben Bennett Jnr set to be the proud sponsors of the Family East Stand, and Eric Twigg Foods and Pukka Pies putting their names to the West Stand.

Steve Lewis, head of commercial at Rotherham United (pictured, left), said: "The New York Stadium gives the new ground a unique identity and avoids us being tied down to one naming partner. That could be commercial suicide as it could put off other potential partners from getting involved.

"We will have four partners for the four stands, and the names of the remaining two stands should be announced in January."

Lewis discussed how the club have had a lot of interest from the business community and that there will be a need for more partners in more aspects of the stadium.

He added: "Clubs cannot survive on football alone and the new stadium will be a seven day a week operation, with many other areas to help generate revenue."

The other uses in the stadium include planned commercial units for businesses and corporate and exhibition spaces.

Progress on the stadium continues to accelerate with the steel framework on three sides now in place on the site of the former Guest & Chrimes Foundry.

Tony Stewart, chairman of Rotherham United (pictured, right), said: "You get a sense of pride when you pass the site, and being able to put a name to it will add a huge amount of character to what is shaping up to be a stadium the club, the town and our supporters can be proud of.

"We also feel that the name can open doors for the commercial team at Rotherham United, and we looking into the possibility of setting up links between Rotherham and New York, USA.

"The location is perfect for people travelling into Rotherham, and I want it to be something that turns heads and makes people stand up and realise where we are going as a football club, and a town."

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