Tuesday, January 17, 2012

News: Rotherham hospital redevelopment is "very good"


The main entrance at Rotherham Hospital has received acclaim thanks to its outstanding environmental credentials.

Constructed by BAM Construction and designed by Race Cottam Associates, the new entrance opened last year.

The Department of Health require that all healthcare refurbishment projects achieve a rating of "Very Good" under BREEAM Healthcare guidelines and Rotherham Hospital's main entrance has achieved this standard.

John Cartwright, director of Estates and Facilities at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, said: "Factors which helped the building to achieve the "Very Good" certification include a 75% reduction in construction waste sent to landfill, a reduction in construction impacts including CO2 production, water consumption and dust pollution, training for the contractor's workforce in how to protect the site's ecology and the use of natural light where possible.

"The new main entrance at the hospital is very impressive, highly energy efficient and is well thought of by patients, staff and visitors."

Internally the building was reshaped to create better circulation for patients, visitors and staff and to incorporate features such as community corner, where community groups and service providers can promote their projects.

The major redevelopment project, which formed part of the first phase of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust's "Healthcare of Tomorrow" programme is one of a number designed by Sheffield's Race Cottom, having previously completed a new Theatre Admissions Unit and Theatre refurbishment work along with a series of other improvements at the hospital on Moorgate.

Race Cottom website
Rotherham Hospital website

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