Thursday, May 16, 2013

News: AMP companies work together on new runflat system


Runflat Systems Ltd and Performance Engineered Solutions are proving first-hand that there are lucrative benefits to be had by working collaboratively.

Both based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham, the firms are pooling resources and knowledge to a develop a new vehicle run flat insert system.

Run flat tyres include self supporting technology which means it is able to support the weight of the vehicle even when they are punctured. Unfortunately, the distance that can be driven on a run flat, in addition to its performance, is limited.

The project is working on a feasible solution as to how the insert could incorporate a bead lock system, a lock that secures the tyre to the wheel and ensures the two rotate together.

By incorporating a bead lock system, the driver will be able to maintain good drivability (steer, accelerate and brake efficiently) on not only one, but even all four deflated tyres.

Moreover, this new system will be lighter, easier to fit and give great performance, whilst maintaining the average price of run flat inserts. This level of run flat ability has been the wish of police, Home Office, military and similar fleet vehicle operators for decades.

Testing carried out at the AMRC with Boeing on the AMP has proved the concept at two tonnes per wheel.

Richard Lust, manager of Runflat Systems Ltd, who developed the new concept, said: "Current run flat insert technology is based on 20 year old concepts and military systems are basically the same as the first commercially available products that came into service in 1943. Runflat Systems Ltd is a research and development company looking at innovative ways to bring new concepts, methods and materials technology to the run flat industry. Our aim is to bring the run flat insert into the 21st Century and provide users with the performance they desire but currently cannot achieve."

Dan Fleetcroft, engineering design director at Performance Engineered Solutions, added: "We are collaborating with Runflat Systems Ltd bringing not only engineering design expertise to the project, but also knowledge of the latest manufacturing technologies, product development tools and perhaps, as importantly, where to access them. Our relationship with the AMRC highlights how valuable our engineering partnerships are as their Advanced Structural Testing Centre has the exact capabilities and experience we require to deliver the laboratory test for evaluation of the product."

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