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News: Rotherham's entrepreneurs of the future


Rotherham's entrepreneurs of the future will be showcasing their enterprise skills at an exciting carnival day as part of Rotherham Children's Festival.

Young people from primary and secondary schools involved in the town's enterprise programme, Rotherham Ready, will be presenting their entrepreneurial skills by selling their produce that they have grown and made to members of the public at an Enterprise Learning Market.

Rotherham leads the way in enterprise education. Rotherham Ready, which was launched in 2005, has become internationally acclaimed for its approach to integrating enterprise into learning for all children aged 4-19.

As part of the event on June 28 at Rotherham United's New York Stadium, schools involved in the innovative "Ready Hubs" in Rotherham (clusters of schools working together to prioritise enterprise across learning communities) will be showcasing their developments. The three learning communities that are involved in Ready Hubs are Wingfield, Winterhill and Clifton.

The Enterprise Learning Market will give visitors an insight into the world of enterprise and entrepreneurship in education and how it is benefiting schools and young people in the area.

13 schools will be showcasing their enterprise learning across 18 stalls, providing an excellent and unique opportunity to learn about different approaches and the impact of enterprise through the curriculum.

The event is open to anyone – young people, teachers, families, businesses and the wider community. Visitors will see how schools are using enterprise as a way of transforming learning and young people's skills, attitudes and understanding about the world of work and business.

Jackie Frost, enterprise projects manager at Rotherham Council and Rotherham Ready manager, said: "An event like this brilliantly shows the talent and inventiveness of Rotherham's young people. It is really important that we support the town's future entrepreneurs and enterprising employees and come along to the event!"

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