Thursday, August 8, 2013

News: Consultation starts on SCR transport schemes


The Local Transport Body (LTB) is asking the public for opinions on its initial list of multimillion pound development projects in the Sheffield City Region.

Last month, the initial list was submitted to the Department for Transport, fulfilling a necessary requirement as part of the "City Deal" to devolve £113m of major transport funding from Government. It will also help the LTB to decide how best to invest local transport and infrastructure funds over the next ten years.

Included on the list is a bid for £45m for improvements around the important Waverley site in Rotherham including the Waverley Link Road and a bid for the Southern Route of the Bus Rapid Transit scheme linking Sheffield city centre, Waverley and Rotherham. Bids are also included for a project to increase road capacity in Parkgate and for improvements to open up further development in the Dearne Valley.

Analysis shows that, if the LTB were able to invest in all 19 schemes, the combined projects could boost the economy by between 5 and 7 billion pounds and create almost 4,500 sustainable new jobs.

Councillor Sir Stephen Houghton CBE, leader of Barnsley Council and chair of the LTB, said: "The Government wants to devolve funding and decision making powers to the Sheffield City Region because ministers can see that better investments are made by local leaders, who understand the impact that decisions have on everyday life.

"Our analysis clearly shows that if we make these investments we will massively boost the local economy and create thousands of jobs. However, the numbers only show one side of the story.

"We want local people to tell us what they think, so we can better understand how these projects could impact on residents and businesses in the Sheffield City Region."

The online consultation asks residents and businesses for their views on the list and is taking place between August 1 and September 15.

Sheffield City Region LEP website


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