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News: Rotherham enterprise angling for business


A pair of Rotherham anglers plan to land themselves a net full of new customers with the launch of their own specialist fishing bait business.

Greg Nyles and Ryan Heaton gave up their secure jobs to follow their dream of running their own business, and with help from UK Steel Enterprise, Rotherham Investment & Development Office (RIDO) and Rotherham Youth Enterprise (RYE), the pair have set up RG Baits in Wath upon Dearne.

The company supplies roll baits for anglers up and down the country and also specialises in customised carp baits rolled themselves.

Greg, who worked as a banking advisor for Yorkshire Bank for seven years before starting RG Baits, said: "Carp fishing is big business with only a small number of bait providers. We work with three of the biggest names in the market, Nutra Baits, Nash and Premier Baits. We take their raw materials and make boilies, a rolled round bait ball. We will even take a base mix and add any combination of flavours the angler wants; it's that level of personal service that anglers like and what sets us apart from the rest."

The pair received £500 from UK Steel Enterprise's Kickstart Fund which is designed to pay for essential equipment or services that applicants need to start trading. The grant will be used to pay for a year-long advertising campaign that will expose the couple to a market of tens of thousands of anglers.

Greg added: "We are doing well at the moment with our core customer base but the new advertising campaign could really transform the business and win us lots of new customers. Our focus is on making sure anglers get precisely what they want in their baits, at a good price and with no adulteration. We are happy to make up small orders to suit a customer and that's what sets us apart, as other bait rollers will only deal in bulk orders."

Allan Wood, Regional Executive for UK Steel Enterprise says Greg and Ryan have approached their market in the right way: "Understanding what drives your customers to buy is an essential part of marketing a business. Greg and Ryan understand their market through years of fishing themselves but they also know how to focus on a niche market that responds to good customer service. They have spotted openings in the market and are positioning themselves to take full advantage of the gap and reap the rewards."

RG Baits is based at the Bolton Road Workshops, where a number of small machines process and roll the baits. The plan is to invest in an automated rolling system that will allow the business to satisfy far more customers after it has secured sufficient market share and obtained further funding.

Jackie Frost, chief executive of RYE, said: "Greg and Ryan have made a promising start to their new business and we are pleased to have helped them in securing a grant to give it a real Kickstart. We hope that they will take advantage of the continued support we offer to help take their business to the next level."

Greg concluded: "Being in business is a new challenge and you only live once so why not go for it? There is help out there if you look for it and we are both very grateful for the support we have had from UK Steel Enterprise."

RG Baits website
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