Friday, October 18, 2013

News: Connexion2 tracking Run Geordie Run across Australia


Innovative products from Rotherham-based Connexion2 are tracking ultra-marathon runner, Mark Allison as he attempts to run 2,600 miles across Australia in 70 days.

The Dinnington firm is the developer and manufacturer of the award-winning Identicom system that is designed to look like a normal ID badge but allows lone workers to raise an alarm, make an emergency phone call or send a text message.

Mark aka "Run Geordie Run" set off from Perth this week in a bid to raise £50,000 for the Children's Foundation and the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. It follows from his amazing 3,100 miles run across America in 100 days in 2011 that raised £100,000 for charity. In 2007 he ran from John O'Groats to Lands End.

To complete his new challenge he will have to run an average 41 miles a day during the Australian summer through very difficult terrain including the infamously arid Nullarbor Plain - which is considered one of the most hostile environments on Earth.

Connexion2, also a corporate sponsor of Run Geordie Run, has supplied an Identicom device to assist both Mark's personal safety and communication whilst undertaking his challenge.

During the challenge Connexion2's Australian partner, GSS Combined Alarm Services, which markets Identicom through it's SafeTCard Solutions brand, will monitor the Identicom units from its Monitoring Station located in Brisbane.

The device has 3G connectivity meaning that it will work in the Australian outback allowing Mark to raise an alarm if required, but also to allow his progress to be mapped via GPS location updates and subsequently shared to his followers.

Identicom's "Man Down" has already been called in to action, but thankfully it was due to Mark pulling the cord on the device by accident. The false alarm proved the technology works. An alert and phone call was made from the device to Connexion2's call centre who could hear that Mark was OK and his support team were given an update on the situation.

Craig Swallow, managing director of Connexion2, said: "We are delighted to be supporting Mark in such a worthwhile and extraordinary challenge. We wish him and his team all the very best and will be keenly watching his progress across Australia."

Before setting off Mark Allison, Run Geordie Run, said: "I'm grateful to all the corporate sponsors supporting the Run Geordie Run Australia challenge this year - I couldn't do it without them. Using Identicom will definitely give me peace of mind as I undertake such a huge journey."

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