Monday, October 28, 2013

News: Tata Steel prepares for new nuclear renaissance


Tata Steel Projects has joined the National Skills Academy Nuclear Manufacturing to help develop the nuclear related capabilities of its workforce.

An important part of the Indian-owned steelmaker's business services section, Tata Steel Projects provides engineering services including consultancy, planning and design through manufacture, installation, construction and site management.

Tata Steel Projects employs around 650 technical staff in York, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading, and at manufacturing facilities at Workington and Scunthorpe. The team includes engineers, architects, planners, project managers and project engineers with expertise and experience in transportation, construction, defence and security, industrial, energy and power generation, and oil and gas, and nuclear facilities.

In collaboration with manufacturing skills group Semta, the NSA Nuclear Manufacturing has created a single point of entry for employers and a dedicated team, based at the Nuclear AMRC's facility on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham, tackle the most urgent skills challenges facing the nuclear manufacturing industry.

By engaging with the Skills Academy, alongside the Nuclear AMRC's civil nuclear Sharing in Growth programme, Tata Steel Projects is demonstrating a long-term commitment to investing in the widescale development of its people and processes in step with the growth in the UK's nuclear decommissioning and new build programmes.

The Nuclear AMRC is a joint initiative between the University of Sheffield, The University of Manchester, and a consortium of industry partners. It provides a focal point for the bulk of the UK civil nuclear manufacturing industry supply chain, meeting a key government milestone by ensuring that manufacturers in the UK have the capability and capacity required to compete for nuclear new build in the UK and globally, from skills training to research and development.

The £76m Sharing in Growth programme sees companies work with the Nuclear AMRC in a four-year programme of business development and training, tailored to the specific needs of their business. Tata Steel Europe is a founder and Tier One member of the Nuclear AMRC.

Bill Clark, director of Tata Steel Projects, said: "We are keen to build upon over 50 years of experience in the nuclear sector. Working with both the Nuclear AMRC and the Skills Academy in order to strengthen our capabilities will be key to our growth in the sector."

Dawn Vinall, business development manager at The National Skills Academy Nuclear Manufacturing, added: "We are delighted to welcome Tata Steel Projects in to membership, and we are looking forward to supporting them with their workforce development programmes."

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