Tuesday, November 5, 2013

News: Rotherham college student succeeds in style


A course in graphic design at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology (RCAT) has helped Amy Kilner gain success in the classroom and in the world of work.

Amy Kilner left her sixth form college and A Levels in 2010 so she could pursue her passion in graphic design. She enrolled on Rotherham College’s Graphic Design BTEC Level 3 course where she could concentrate on the specific subject and find her style.

Drawing her inspiration for Kandinsky, Joan Miro and other geometric abstract art, Amy flourished in her studies with the help of her tutors at the College. During the course she learnt how to follow briefs from clients, took part in group sessions and used the latest software to create designs.

She said: "From experience, I think BTECs prepare you for University and working in the industry a lot more than A levels. In the long run it has helped me a lot, at University in the first year I had lessons that recapped what I'd already learnt on my BTEC course, a lot of people who did A levels struggled with them as they hadn't had the lessons as they'd been studying other subjects at the same time."

Since leaving the College, Amy went on to study a BA Honours in Graphic Communication Design at the University of Huddersfield and in 2012 she started freelancing as a designer, taking part in a range of projects such as The V Festival project with Rotherham-based Rainforest Graphics. During the project Amy designed the branding for the "Champagne Garden" for the VIP area.

She said: "By helping Rainforest out I was given VIP Wristbands for the weekend. It was amazing seeing my work up and being used in such a big festival! It was really motivational."

On her days off from University, Amy works for Creative Media Design and Print Ltd based in Denaby. They have worked with clients such as the BBC, Samsung and Coca Cola.

Amy also recently launched a clothing brand called Blootit Clothing in partnership with Blossom Pengkerego.

After completing her course, Amy will continue to work in the Graphic Design industry and continue with her freelancing.

"Freelancing keeps me on my toes," she added. "If I hadn't started my freelance and built up a portfolio of a wide range of work then I wouldn't have had anything to show new clients when they ask what I can do for them!"

Amy Kilner website
RCAT website
Rainforest Graphics website

Images: RCAT


sue bennett,  November 5, 2013 at 10:22 AM  

Well done Amy x x

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