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News: Design students' brief visit to Beatson Clark


Trainee design teachers from Sheffield Hallam University have been given industry experience at Rotherham glass manufacturer, Beatson Clark.

Fifteen students who are in the second year of their BSc (Hons) in Design & Technology Education paid a visit to Beatson Clark's glass manufacturing plant on Greasborough Road, where they had a tour of the factory and heard from designers and production specialists about the glass making process.

Before their visit they were asked to choose from three different design briefs and given a week to come up with a design concept.

Mark Helliwell, a design and technology academic at Sheffield Hallam University, said: "Having the opportunity to see industrial processes at first hand is really valuable as it allows the students to see the theory they learn put into practice.

"Beatson Clark is a brilliant place to experience aspects of the curriculum such as electronic and computer control systems, process control, materials, mechanical systems and quality control.

"On top of all that the design and marketing input from the team at Beatson Clark gave the students an insight into what customers look for in a design and also the constraints of production."

Charlotte Taylor, marketing manager at Beatson Clark, added: "The young designers had some interesting and well thought out ideas, but visiting the factory and learning how the glass is made gave them a different perspective on the design process and proved what Mark says about the importance of first-hand knowledge."

Beatson Clark has arranged such visits for Sheffield Hallam University students for a number of years.

On completing their course the students will become qualified design and technology teachers in secondary schools.

Helliwell added. "The Government and industrialists are continually saying that education needs to encourage young people to understand and consider careers in manufacturing.

"Beatson Clark are a great example of a company that actually supports the rhetoric by making their industry accessible. The students are always blown away by the visits – they bring the theory to life and we really do appreciate the effort that goes into organising them."

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