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News: B&B Press invest in UK first


Rotherham print firm, B&B Press, has invested over £1m in new technology continuing with its successful policy of reinvestment in the latest most reliable quality printing machines, which in turn means that they are printing the highest quality, delivered to reliable schedules.

The Parkgate company has invested in two new presses, a Sakurai Oliver 480SD LED UV four colour offset press being installed in late June, to be followed by a 580SD LED UV five colour offset press being installed in the third quarter of 2014.

They are thought to be the UK's first LED-UV Offset Presses. The state of the art systems replace solvent-based ink and coating chemistry with that of photo-sensitive inks and coatings. The new presses will replace two existing Sakurai machines and the revolutionary LED drying system will enable printers to handle work straight from the press, without the traditional problem of waiting until the sheets are dry or risking marking them during other processes. The new set up will also reduce the impact on the environment.

The purchase is the culmination of extensive research by B&B which began last summer and involved many site visits to various manufacturers. It also involved site visits to some of Sakurai's existing LED customers in Japan and tests in the Sakurai showroom in Tokyo.

Barry Liversidge, managing director of B&B Press, said: "Because the technology is so new, especially here in the UK, we needed to investigate it fully. We are particularly pleased to be making this re-investment with Sakurai with whom we have had an excellent working relationship for more than 25 years."

Nigel Tolley, production director at B&B Press, added: "We believe, as a carbon neutral company, that this new technology fits perfectly with production requirements in terms power consumption, savings on coatings, no mercury lamps etc."

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