Tuesday, July 22, 2014

News: DSR bring down the house in Doncaster


Experts at Rotherham-based DSR Demolition have brought an explosive end to a Doncaster landmark, successfully bringing down the 12-storey Council House building over the weekend.

Based at Meadowbank in the former Turners Arms pub, the demolition, dismantling, recycling and asset recovery experts work with land developers, councils and hospitals, and also members of the general public with smaller one-off jobs.

The 40 metre tall Coal House became the National Coal Board's headquarters in December 1966. In 1992, Doncaster Council moved in and it was renamed the Council House.

Following five months of preparation, DSR Demolition Limited used approximately 36kg of explosives to blow down the building. Some 756 small charges were placed on the four main blast floors: the ground, first, fifth and ninth floors and by using 700 delay detonators over 1.2 seconds the building caved in. Each charged column and wall was individually wrapped with protective materials and extra protection materials were wrapped around the outside of the blast floors to ensure it came down safely.

Emma Thompson, QHSE manager at DSR Demolition, said: "We are pleased to have contributed to the regeneration of Doncaster Civic and Cultural Quarter. It has been a challenging project but the end result will be well worth the effort." 

The site will be landscaped before being redeveloped as part of the Civic and Cultural Quarter. Detailed master planning is underway which will determine the type of development suitable for the site.

Dan Needham, regional director for Muse Developments, the council's development partner, said: "This demolition is extremely important for the town, as it will create opportunities for future development and allow us to keep up momentum."
It was a similar sight at the former Maltby Colliery in Rotherham earlier in the week when another Rotherham firm, Demex, successfully demolished the 3rd winding tower.

Underground workings at the 100 year old colliery ended in 2013 and as part of the planned closure programme, a number of disused and redundant colliery buildings are being demolished.

Maltby's No 3 Winding Tower was scheduled to be demolished in April but legally-protected peregrine falcons had been observed roosting on the tower whilst hunting for food. Net deterrents were put in place to discourage nesting before demolition and two artificial peregrine boxes have been installed on the Bath House building which is not to be demolished.

The site is to become The Maltby Energy Park, with operator Alkane Energy generating energy from the coal mine methane assets for an estimated period of up to 15 years.

DSR Demolition website
Demex website

Images: Muse Developments / Hargreaves Logistics


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